9 lis 2017  Düsseldorf / Germany

Supplier Awards 2017 granted to ExxonMobil, Dow and BASF

Henkel recognizes best-in-class collaboration with strategic suppliers

Combining innovation and technology leadership and intimate customer partnership: A key factor for success for Henkel Adhesive Technologies is close collaboration with strategic suppliers. For the fifth consecutive year, the business unit has recognized outstanding performance by its suppliers with its annual Supplier Awards in the categories of Operational Excellence, Supplier Innovation and Supplier Sustainability.

“The know-how and experience of raw material suppliers play a key role for Henkel Adhesive Technologies to continuously drive powerful innovations,” says Michael Todd, Global Head of Innovation and New Business Development at Henkel Adhesive Technologies, during this year’s award ceremony held in Düsseldorf. “Collaboration with our strategic suppliers opens the doors to exciting innovations and is essential in order to take our business to the next level.”

“We appreciate the open and direct contact and cooperation with our strategic suppliers,” added Bjoerk Ohlhorst, Senior Vice President Procurement at Henkel. “The close partnership enables us to deliver excellence in supply performance, innovation and sustainability generating differentiated competitive edge and answers to the needs of our customers throughout the entire value chain.”

Operational Excellence Award: Exxon Mobil Chemical

In recognition of the efforts to improve the overall supply chain, Henkel has presented its Operational Excellence Award to Exxon Mobil Chemical. Exxon Mobil Chemical delivered in 2017 an excellent service level performance and outstanding overall value thanks to a dedicated and professional team. Exxon Mobil Chemical supported Henkel during tight market supply situation outside the established business area. In addition, Exxon Mobil Chemical demonstrated excellence in project management to support growth focus area which allowed to reach on time jointly agreed milestones for critical projects.

Innovation Award: Dow

Henkel Adhesive Technologies recognizes Dow contributions to recent successful product launches with the Supplier Innovation Award 2017. Dow is a very supportive partner in various joint activities addressing the requirements of Henkel’s customers in the automotive and packaging industry. Based on Dow polymers and dispersions, Henkel Adhesive Technologies created new products that improve the acoustics in cars and help to provide cost-effective packaging solutions. The long-standing collaboration between the companies has been characterized by an open exchange and best practices in collaboration to mutually develop new product offerings addressing the needs of Henkel’s customers. Henkel and Dow are also aligned in their focus on sustainability, improved performance for customers, and reduced total system costs.

Sustainability Award: BASF

Henkel strives to provide its customers and consumers with higher value, better performance and lower environmental footprint at the same time. Thus Adhesive Technologies recognized BASF for its ongoing efforts to contribute to the sustainable Henkel product and project pipeline, such as the collaboration on finding alternatives technologies to substitute hazardous materials, as well as an excellent EcoVadis rating. Sustainability is also a key success factor at BASF for bringing additional value to their products. BASF develops and manufactures sustainable materials, enabling Henkel to extend its business in the application of putties avoiding the use of solvents and thus supporting the Health and Safety Innovation value driver.

Operational Excellence Award for Exxon Mobil Chemical (from left to right): Jan-Dirk Auris, Executive Vice President Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Julie Jackson, Global Marketing Manager Exxon Mobil Chemical, Franky Dauw, Global Sales Manager, Plastics and Resins Exxon Mobil Chemical, Katelijne Rooze, Regional Sales Manager, Plastics and Resins Exxon Mobil Chemical, Bjoerk Ohlhorst, Senior Vice President Procurement Henkel and Bruce Lundmark, Global Account Manager, Plastics and Resins Exxon Mobil Chemical

Innovation Award for Dow (from left to right): Jan-Dirk Auris, Executive Vice President Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Denise Beachy, EMEAI Commercial Director Dow Elastomers and Electrical & Telecommunications, Alessandro Trombini, Corporate Account Executive Dow, Heinz Haller, President EMEAI and Executive Vice President Dow, Wiltrud Treffenfeldt, Chief Technology Officer Europe Middle East, Africa and India Dow, Anton G. van Beek, President and Chairman of the Board of Dow Benelux and Michael Todd, Global Head of Innovation and New Business Development Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Sustainability Award for BASF (from left to right): Jan-Dirk Auris, Executive Vice President Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Oliver Lotz, Global Key Account Manager BASF, Juergen Pfister, Vice President Dispersions for Adhesive & Fiber Bonding BASF, Heike Kohm, Global Key Account Manager BASF, Christoph Hansen, Senior Vice President Dispersions for Adhesives & Construction Europe BASF and Bertrand Conquéret, Corporate Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain Henkel

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