17 lut 2017  Düsseldorf / Germany

Pritt betters the lives of about 240 schoolchildren by improving their educational situation in the northeastern Brazil

New year, new schools with Pritt and Plan International

Pritt and Plan International inaugurated on Thursday and Friday two schools in the rural area of Codó in Brazil. For the beginning of the academic year, schoolchildren with an unprivileged educational situation were benefited with proper academic facilities that help them to improve their chances in the future.

With the objective of setting an appropriate learning environment for children from the communities of Mata Virgem and Boqueirão dos Vieiras, Pritt worked together with Plan International. Here, they constructed one school with adequate educational and sanitary facilities, and renovated and refurbished a second one. Teachers have also been benefited from training courses to improve their skills, and the children have received workshops on basic children’s rights such as education, participation, health and nutrition.

Supported by the Fritz Henkel Stiftung foundation, Pritt and Plan International have been working together to provide more opportunities to children in developing countries. Most schools in these communities are in underprivileged conditions, which makes it difficult for the girls and boys to learn properly. Pritt strongly believes that access to quality education is the driving force of human development, and these social actions build a more just and egalitarian society in areas of the world with severe deficiencies. “While traveling in Brazil, I noticed that children do not feel at ease or safe in many schools. Thanks to Pritt we were able to renovate school buildings and improve teacher training contributing to a child-oriented and age-appropriate learning environment. This will also positively change the communities involved,” expressed Maike Röttger, Plan International’s Managing Director Germany.

This project takes Pritt’s commitment with education one step further by supporting children with an unprivileged educational status change their future. “We are very proud to construct and renovate these schools, because we are also building a safer learning and teaching environment for teachers and children. At the same time, we are offering them the possibility to transform their communities in Codó.” said Paula Gonçalves, Regional Brand Manager Latin America South Stationery & Crafting.

Access to education is a right for every human being and Pritt, a Henkel brand, is known to be an assiduous advocate of it. These values and commitments are embedded in the brand’s corporate engagement, aspiration and values. As Heiko Held, responsible for Corporate Citizenship and Social Partnerships expressed, “Social engagement has always been an integral part of Henkel's sense of responsibility as a company. My colleagues foster social progress through our strong brands like Pritt, and the Fritz Henkel Stiftung foundation is glad to support such projects.”

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The new school in Mata Virgem was officially opened by Codó mayor Francisco Nagib (second from the right), representatives from Pritt, Plan International and excited students on Thursday.

The new school in Mata Virgem will give even more children access to an education.

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