28 paź 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Live Demonstrations and Informative Presentations Emphasize Henkel’s Electronic Materials Leadership

Henkel to Showcase Materials Innovation, Expertise for Today’s Challenging Electronic Product Designs at Electronica 2016

Today’s electronic products are increasingly challenged to deliver high quality, exceptional reliability and affordability. Fundamentally, these expectations require materials that enable device protection, robust thermal control and reliable interconnects. From Hall B1, Booth 361 at next month’s Electronica event in Munich, Henkel will offer show delegates the opportunity to learn more about its suite of circuit board protection, thermal management and solder materials, all designed to enable the performance of modern-day electronic designs, while reducing complexity and cost. Attendees are invited to take part in hands-on demonstrations, listen to informative presentations at the Exhibitor Forum and discuss the latest developments with Henkel’s technical experts.

Circuit Board Protection Systems

Assembly protection at the board level is essential to a product’s long-term operational reliability. Henkel’s broad portfolio of circuit board protection materials extends beyond protection alone, offering functional performance as well. The company’s Technomelt product line, for example, now includes thermally conductive Technomelt TC 50. With the benefits of low pressure molding encapsulation also comes the ability to dissipate heat through the encapsulating layer to avoid overheating and increase reliability and operating time. Live molding demonstrations of Technomelt TC 50 will take place in the Henkel booth. (www.technomelt-simply3.com)

Another hot melt innovation, Technomelt AS 8998, provides a peelable, automated masking solution for conformal coating processes and is compatible with Henkel and other conformal coating materials. Elimination of manual taping processes speeds throughput, reduces process complexity and can lower annual material and labor costs by as much as 40%.

For PCB assemblies that require environmental safeguarding with added value, Henkel’s portfolio of potting materials delivers durable encapsulation and protection in addition to functional capability. With formulations that provide high temperature resistance, weight reduction and/or thermal conductivity, Henkel has a full range of potting systems to address numerous applications and performance requirements.

Robust Thermal Management Solutions

As device dimensions have decreased in tandem with increases in functionality, thermal control has become more challenging. Henkel’s Gap Filler liquid dispensed materials allow for conformity to complex architectures, while offering an automated solution for high-volume environments. Well-suited for fragile, low-stress applications, Gap Filler materials are available in a variety of formulations including the self-leveling Gap Filler 1400SL and low-volatility Gap Filler 3500LV.

Visitors to the Henkel booth with have the opportunity to dispense and work with Gap Filler materials and evaluate the latest high thermal conductivity Gap PAD HC 5.0 highly conformable, low stress thermal interface material. (www.henkel-adhesives.com/thermal)

Next-Generation Solder Technologies

Henkel’s solder development initiatives continue to be recognized with industry awards and customer validation. Recently, the superior performance of the company’s game-changing, temperature-stable Loctite GC 10 was proven in an independent, third-party study that compared it to three other commonly used solder paste materials. Speak with the Henkel technical team about Loctite GC 10’s unprecedented stability both on and off the line, and learn more about the cost-saving, high performance benefits it provides. (www.soldergamechanger.com)

Hear from Henkel’s Technical Experts

Henkel technical specialists will share their expertise in a series of presentations to be delivered in Electronica’s Automotive and Exhibitor Forums. The below presentations are planned during the event.

Exhibitor Forum (Hall B5, Booth 343)
Tuesday, November 8th
15:00 – 15:30
Title: High efficient Gap Filler Materials
Speaker: Holger Schuh, Henkel Liquids Business Development Manager

Automotive Forum (Hall A6, Booth 328)
Wednesday, November 9th
14:30 – 15:00
Title: Thermal Management Materials for Batteries
Speaker: Sanjay Misra, Henkel R&D Director for Thermal Products

Exhibitor Forum (Hall B5, Booth 343)
Thursday, November 10th
12:00 – 12:30
Title: “The Material makes the Difference”: Thermal Clad – IMS Laminates
Speaker: Stefano Sciole, Henkel Business Development Manager IMS

To schedule an appointment with a Henkel materials expert during Electronica, send an e-mail to electronics@henkel.com. More information about Henkel’s complete electronic materials portfolio can be found by visiting www.henkel-adhesives.com/electronics.

Henkel’s thermally conductive Technomelt TC 50 allows for heat dissipation through the molded encapsulant layer.

Henkel’s Technomelt AS 8998 is a completely new and efficient approach to temporary masking techniques.

Henkel Gap Filling materials deliver superior thermal conductivity and are the ideal solution for liquid dispensed applications.

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