11 paź 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Compact Loctite UV light sources from Henkel

Let there be light!

Henkel Adhesive Technologies took mankind’s oldest quotation literally and developed a new, compact and ergonomic UV light source. As a result, the LED light sources are flexible in use and perfectly designed to suit the Loctite UV adhesives range.

Throughout the industry cycle times in manually operated or automated processes get increasingly shorter and the demands on UV adhesives and UV-curing equipment have risen. The new Loctite UV light sources can be operated either cable-free by hand as well as with a permanent power supply. With this development Henkel expands its equipment portfolio by introducing another high quality product while taking into account the technical demands of the optoelectronics, ergonomics of use and the typical working environmental conditions in modern manufacturing.

The Loctite EQ CL32 LED light sources are available in 365nm or 405nm wavelength. They provide the common LED spectra to the customers and expand the application scope. It is now possible to cure through materials with poor UV transmission such as Polycarbonate, by using the 405nm wavelength LED light source. The long life expectancy of LED’s and the high and reliable UV intensity enables a broader range of UV curing applications in the industry. By using the LED technology instead of the traditional mercury systems, high temperatures at the bonded components can be avoided. The powerful Li-Ion battery that is charged via USB, means a mobile operating time of three hours is possible. The robust and ergonomic design of the UV light is designed for ease of an optimal use for the operators. For stationary use, an output signal for the successful exposure can be sent from the UV light source. This allows an easy integration in automated processes and thus increases the overall process safety. The new UV light sources will soon be introduced into the market.

The new UV light sources of Henkel Adhesive Technologies has a mobile operating time of three hours, thanks to its powerful Li-Ion battery.

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