8 wrz 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Flexible packaging adhesives for digital printing

Digital printing solutions open new possibilities for individualized flexible packages

The personalization trend has reached the flexible packaging industry. This brings with it an increased industry interest in digital printing technologies: They allow for individually designed packages and smaller job sizes. In cooperation with its partner HP Indigo, Henkel supports customers with specific fast-curing adhesive solutions and best-in-class expertise, offering the right fit for digital printing.

Individualization is a progressive trend with a strong impact on flexible packaging. Several leading brands have already launched campaigns with individual label designs, for example for drinking bottles or fully personalized, unique labels for bread spreads. Such customization requires a new level of flexibility in the packaging process only achievable through digital printing.

Compared to rotogravure or flexographic printing, digital printing is still a niche application within the flexible packaging market. Yet, this niche is seeing double-digit growth rates according to a study by Smithers Pira from 2013. Digital printing not only allows for easy and fast modification of the printing image, but also for on-demand printing (just-in-time) and minimal downtimes between printing jobs. This process requires new adhesives specifically designed for this purpose.

Henkel’s adhesive solutions for digital printing

The short overall turnaround time calls for fast-curing adhesives in need of special characteristics due to the altered composition of digital printing inks. Henkel provides adhesive solutions, which offer the right fit for digital printing, whether customers seek solvent-based, solvent-free or water-based adhesive systems

Loctite Liofol LA 7764/LA 6164 is a solvent-free laminating adhesive system for food packaging such as for snack packaging. It is characterized by a long pot-life of up to 45 minutes and a low application temperature of 40°C with excellent optics due to superior wetting properties. This adhesive is specifically designed for reverse digital print.

As a water-based laminating adhesive system, Loctite Liofol LA 29-208/LA 5804 is used for dry lamination for food packaging. It has a long pot-life and makes very fast further processing possible.

Additionally, Henkel offers a solvent-based system Loctite Liofol LA 2760/LA 5028 for higher demanding applications for food and non-food end use with high solids application, fast cure and fast decay of primary aromatic amines (PAA).

All these systems are designed for food contact and are compatible with digital printing validated by HP Indigo.

Henkel’s partnership with HP Indigo

To ensure excellent results in the lamination of flexible packaging, the adhesive and printing ink need to be compatible. Through cooperation, both Henkel and HP are committed to providing optimal solutions combining best-in-class printing ink technology with state-of-the-art adhesive solutions. Beyond this, Henkel will additionally invest in the development of adhesives to create solutions, which perfectly fit with HP Indigo digital presses and HP Indigo ElectroInks.

“We are excited about this partnership with HP Indigo, a very strong and leading supplier for digital printing,” says Dirk Vianden, Business Director Flexible Laminates Europe at Henkel. The customers in the flexible packaging industry will benefit from this cooperation: “For our customers, this will translate into an increase in efficiency and a shorter time to market.”

Discover adhesive solutions at FachPack

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