21 kwi 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Education is the key to integration

Henkel launches integration program for refugees

Henkel is starting an extensive refugee’s integration program in its vocational training center. In collaboration with external partners and public authorities, the company is offering career guidance and job shadowing as well as internships, language courses and coachings for the refugees. The aim is to promote the integration of people with prospects of staying in Germany permanently.

For this year, Henkel has provided the Fritz Henkel Foundation with an additional budget of 500.000 euros for refugee projects, on top of the ongoing product donations. “It is our joint responsibility to integrate the people who fled to us in both our society and economy,” said Kathrin Menges, Executive Vice President Human Resources at Henkel. “With our program we want to create a perspective for these people, because education and access to the labor market are key success factors for integration. This is where we need to start.”

Internships and vocational orientation

The integration program currently has 75 participants, mainly teenagers and young adults. It focuses on practical career guidance. The participants gain first insights into the work environment through vocational internships. In addition, they receive targeted coachings, language courses and job application training. The participants are chosen by collaborating external partners and public authorities. “We support young people by helping them search for apprenticeships and during the following application process,” says Dr. Loert de Riese-Meyer, Head of Vocational Training at Henkel Germany. “Most of them are not familiar with our education system and are not aware of the options they have.”

Language is a prerequisite for successful integration. Therefore, the Fritz Henkel Foundation supports, among others, the Goethe Institute with a donation for language courses for refugees. With this support more than 8,000 teaching units can be offered. Henkel continues to provide unbureaucratic emergency aid. The company equips refugee camps with Henkel cleaning products, detergents, shampoos, shower gels or toothpaste. Henkel also provides extra storage space and logistics. In addition, the company supports corporate volunteering of employees and retirees through product donations, financial support as well as paid time off work for up to eight days yearly.

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