6 sty 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Reducing costs and streamlining production

Henkel showcasing solutions for every step in the die-casting value chain at Euroguss 2016

With extensive expertise in all key areas of the die-casting and metalworking value chain – Casting, Machining, Impregnation, Cleaning, Surface Treatment or Bonding – Henkel is ideally positioned to help reduce costs and streamline manufacturing processes. Henkel will be showcasing a broad range of offerings – from its Bonderite cleaning and lubricating products to its Loctite Impregnation Solutions and Electro Ceramic Coatings (ECC) portfolio – at the Euroguss 2016 show in Nuremberg, January 12-14 at booth 7-610, Hall 7.

Bonderite release & cleaning agents portfolio

Henkel offers a full range of cleaning and lubricant products for the sustainable, cost-effective manufacture of high-quality castings – from high- and low-pressure casting release agents, water-miscible metalworking fluids, and liquid neutral and alkaline cleaners.

Bonderite L-CA CP release agents for the high-pressure die casting of powertrain and structural parts are designed to cover the wide spectrum of technical requirements. Henkel supports foundries with everything from pure oil spray applications to the use of diluted lubricants up to ratios of 1:300, reducing thermal stress on the dies, optimizing cycle times and improving the overall quality of the casted parts.

Building on this, Henkel recently launched Bonderite L-CA CP 791C and 794C into the German market. These new products are based on Henkel’s patented siloxane technology and have been enhanced with additional corrosion protection for the dies.

“Our customers can benefit from this additional corrosion protection by extending the die life and therefore reducing the total process cost, without compromising the final quality of casted parts”, says Björn Lorenz, Metalforming Sales Manager for Henkel in Benelux, Switzerland and Germany.

Henkel is also solidifying its offering of foundry solutions for automotive OEM’s with Bonderite L-CA CP 799B, specifically developed for casted structural parts where heat treatment is not required.

Lorenz continues: “With this OEM-approved product we are able to provide an excellent surface finish for casted parts. This is a key success factor for further steps along the value chain, like bonding, welding or anti-corrosion coatings.”

During Euroguss 2016, Henkel will also present the Bonderite duaLCys process, its latest innovation for the machining and cleaning of casted part. This innovative process allows the cleaning fluid to be recycled into the water-miscible lubricant bath, instead of being discarded as waste. This symbiosis enables a series of benefits that can reduce total machining operating costs by up to 40%.

“Our fine dispersed cutting fluids have an excellent cleanability so our customers can also clean the casted parts at lower temperature,” notes Simón Cabeza, European Product Line Manager for the Cleaners & Lubricants range.

Loctite Impregnation Solutions

Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers may encounter porosity defects when casting aluminum components that can lead to leaky or defective parts. Henkel can solve that problem. It not only offers a full range of porosity-sealing resins and equipment, but it operates 17 service centers across Europe, and is steadily increasing that number.

Additionally, Henkel is the leading supplier of customized, on-site impregnation service. It will bring its Loctite Impregnation Solutions to a customer’s facility, set up shop temporarily and expertly apply its sealing products to components (certified to TS 16949). This reduces transportation costs and relieves the need for the customer to have to invest in any equipment.

Electro Ceramic Coatings

Henkel’s Electro Ceramic Coatings (ECC) are applied to light metals such as aluminium using a galvanic coating process called plasma electrolytic deposition, and provide hard and abrasion-resistant coatings and excellent corrosion protection. ECC’s are smoother and harder than hardened steel, making them ideal for use on components such as pistons and cylinder liners for wear protection.

“With a melting point above of that of aluminium, they remain stable even at very high temperatures, are easy to apply on complex components, and have a coating time that is faster than hard anodizing,” notes Christian Rosenkranz, European Business Development Manager.

ECC’s also reduce friction and support today’s trend for the use of lightweight metals, both of which help to reduce the CO2 emissions of the engines.

With extensive expertise in all key areas of the die-casting and metalworking value chain, Henkel is ideally positioned to partner with customers, and help them to reduce costs and streamline their manufacturing processes.

In all key areas of the die-casting and metalworking value chain, Henkel is ideally positioned to partner with customers, and help them to reduce costs and streamline their manufacturing processes.

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