5 paź 2015  Düsseldorf

Grow competitive edge for clean, sustainable machining

Henkel introduces new Bonderite duaLCys process for the metalworking industry

Bonderite duaLCys process exploits lubricant-cleaner synergies to reduce costs, boost performance, save energy, lower waste generation, and improve working conditions.

When maintaining your metal machining tools and operations, what if you could be more sustainable, improve your cleaning performance and save money all at the same time? Thanks to Henkel’s Bonderite duaLCys process, now you can.

Reduce your costs by up to 40% by using an innovative process that leverages the synergies between the lubricant and the cleaning fluid. In the Bonderite duaLCys process, the cleaning fluid is recycled into the lubricant bath, rather than being discarded as waste.

A process with multiple benefits for the metalworking industry

Henkel Adhesive Technologies as the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide is present across the metalworking value chain leveraging its strength in cleaners to complement the company’s presence in water miscible lubricants. The new Bonderite duaLCys system requires less water, helps to minimize waste, and saves energy by allowing the washer bath to operate at a reduced temperature. In addition to delivering low reject rates and high surface quality, Bonderite duaLCys also offers improved working conditions resulting from the use of safer, more predictable solutions. In the automotive industry, the process can provide a competitive edge to automakers, automotive-suppliers and other machining companies alike by providing a more cost-effective, sustainable process for the manufacture of metal parts such as powertrain components, seat frames, HVAC compressors and other machined parts.

“The Bonderite duaLCys process is a unique concept in the area of machining and in-process cleaning for the metalworking market”, says Martin Desinger, Business Development Manager, Lubricants, Europe, at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “Recycling the cleaning fluid instead of throwing it away, and making use of synergies between it and the water-soluble cutting fluid, results in an excellent combination of high lubricity, superior part cleanliness and excellent corrosion protection.”

Improved tool life with better lubrication

Machining tools last much longer in operations using Bonderite duaLCys, thanks to its superior cleaning capability as well as its much higher lubricity compared to rival products. The lubricant also features pre-cleaning properties due to its combined formulation. “The addition of a cleaner with lubricity capability into our ultra-finely dispersed lubricant gives the blend unrivalled properties,” Desinger notes. “Operations can save up to 40% process-costs, and can reduce lubricant drag-out by as much as 70%.”

Realizing the benefits of two Henkel products in one

This new process is the synergy between a lubricant and a cleaner: Bonderite C-NE 10466 high-performance, water-based neutral cleaner, and Bonderite L-MR 21466 cutting fluid. The cleaner produces no foaming in most common water hardnesses, provides excellent corrosion protection and can be used at room temperature. The machining fluid is a finely dispersed lubricant. Both are boron- and bactericide-free. It is suitable for most substrates, including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys.

Henkel to unveil the new process at EMO Milano

Henkel’s introduction of Bonderite duaLCys at the EMO Milano 2015 show extends its Bonderite portfolio of products that help facilitate cleaner and more efficient and sustainable machining. Bonderite is the company’s premium brand for surface technology and process solutions. For more information, visit Henkel (Booth B42, Hall 4) at EMO Milano 2015, which takes place from October 5-10, in Milan, Italy.

More information about duaLCys is available at: www.henkel-automotive.com/dualcys.

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