22 wrz 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Volumetric dispensing of 2K-hybrid-adhesives

2K Dispensing with high Repetition Accuracy

The right and exact mixing ratio has a decisive role when it comes to 2K-adhesives dispensing. The dispensing system is responsible for controlling and guaranteeing the mixing ratio with a high precision at any time. The Volumetric Rotor Pump MM25 from Henkel provides the highest process safety combined with a precise accuracy and high repeatability.

The pump works with the positive displacement technology. At the centre of the technology are the stator and rotor. These components, which are subjected to a very high quality standard, ensure unique temperature and viscosity independent dispensing accuracy of ± 1%.

The stator material is manufactured from the elastomer FFKM which has highest chemical resistance available in the market, therefore this pump use is universal. Thus, you can dispense all well-known Loctite adhesives like 2K-Epoxys, 2K-PUR’s or the newly developed 2K-Hybrid adhesive 4090 in fully automatic industrial processes. The opportunity to upgrade the pump with two additional pressure sensors provides the further process safety of the whole system.

Hybrid-adhesives, the combination of two different curing technologies

With the combination of different adhesive technologies, Henkel continues to develop innovative new bonding products. The hybrid adhesive, Loctite 4090 is a combination of a Cyanoacrylate and Epoxy adhesive. Here the different curing and performance of the two technologies are combined to form a symbiotic relationship.

The speed of a CA, better known as superglue, and its property to bond almost all substrates is combined with the Epoxy properties of high temperature and chemical resistance. The resultant bonding advantages will generate new opportunities and applications in the market.

Optimum mixing ratio to achieve the best adhesive performance

2K-Adhesives rely on an exact mixing ratio to achieve complete curing and maximum performance in the application. By using the high precision volumetric dispensing system MM25, in combination with the 2K-Hybrid Loctite 4090 Henkel sets new standards in bonding and process control. This is just one example of where Henkel is expanding its product portfolio with a further innovation.

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