29 cze 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Formula E: Henkel and the NEXTEV TCR racing team

Henkel congratulates Nelson Piquet Jr. winning the first Formula E drivers’ championship

The NEXTEV TCR team is looking back on fantastic results of the Formula E opening season. After gaining valuable points this season by winning the races in Long Beach (USA) and Moscow (Russia), Nelson Piquet Jr. concluded his success by receiving the drivers’ championship last weekend in London.

The first championship for formula cars with electric engines is setting new standards in motor sport and making a big impact in bringing the issue of sustainability to a wide audience. As the world’s leading provider of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel is supporting the NEXTEV TCR team and its drivers Nelson Piquet Jr. and Charles Pic. Henkel provides the perfect range of products for fast maintenance and repair at the race track.

Many automotive manufacturers are working intensively on vehicles whose engines are based on alternative energy, as they offer potential for sustainable, climate-friendly and environmentally-compatible mobility – with no CO2 emissions and reduced dependence on crude oil-based fuels. Henkel is playing an active role in this development by offering innovative, tailored solutions for the wide range of challenges that electromobility presents for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.

E-mobility at 200kW

The International Automobile Federation (FIA)’s Formula E championship has been conducted on urban race tracks, including in Beijing, London and Los Angeles, since 13th September 2014. It is more than just a platform for the latest developments in the field of electromobility – it also attracts a wide audience of racing enthusiasts from around the world. Formula E demonstrates the automotive industry’s efforts to balance performance with sustainability. Stricter regulations such as emissions standards play a big part in this, but growing awareness of the finiteness of resources also has a central role. “Electromobility is a central mega trend and driver of innovation in the automotive industry,” stresses Kourosh Bahrami, Global Head of Marketing and Sales in the Transport & Metal business unit at Henkel. “We work together closely with our customers throughout the entire value chain, so that we anticipate their needs and offer them integrated solutions with our product and technology portfolio. As an event, Formula E embodies exactly what makes us the partner of choice for our customers: global presence and forward-looking technologies.”

Comprehensive solution portfolio

Henkel has supported the trend for vehicles for with alternative engines from the very beginning and developed tailored solutions. The range for the installation of components includes specially adapted adhesives and housing seals with wet or dry installed products for various processes. Typical components for which Henkel products are used include plugs, sensors, controls, accumulators and electric engines. Reducing the size of electric and electronic components in the vehicle helps to save on volume and weight. However, the increased power density leads to higher temperatures that need to be discharged. To do this, Henkel offers a series of specialised casting compounds that provide both higher thermal conductivity and electrically insulating properties. When it comes to the battery, Henkel offers pre-coatings that increase the conductivity and lifespan of the cell. These products can also be used to shield plastic housings against electromagnetic influences. Use in fuel cells presents particular demands for adhesives and sealants, such as low permeability to hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Henkel offers a wide range of specialized products here, for use in various different process environments.

Well-known drivers and demanding courses

The racing teams have put together an exclusive field of drivers, who have started in many Formula 1 races. As well as Nelson Piquet Jr. for the NEXTEV TCR team, the line-up for the first Formula E season included Nick Heidfeld (Venturi Grand Prix), Jarno Trulli (TrulliGP), Nicolas Prost (e.dams – Renault) and Bruno Senna (Mahindra Racing). All the races were held on urban courses in large cities.