28 kwi 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel to showcase portfolio of products, services and equipment

Henkel sponsors “IT’s tissue” show in Lucca

Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies. As a solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide, Henkel will be the sponsor and partner to the second instalment of IT’s Tissue fair in Lucca, Italy from 21st to 28th June 2015.

This biennial event is taking place in the “Tissue Valley”, where the latest technologies for tissue production in hygienic and household use will be exhibited by the “Tissue Italy” network comprising of the 12 major firms in the region. These network companies situated in three local areas – Lucca, Reggio Emilia and Lecco – will open their doors simultaneously to demonstrate their technological innovations during the fair.

IT’s Tissue is planning to welcome more than 700 operators from over 70 nations around the world to the event. During which, the latest technologies to produce, convert, package and handle tissue products such as toilet paper, kitchen rolls, facial tissues, napkins, and handkerchiefs, for both the consumer and industrial sectors will be presented.

The fair’s objective is to bring awareness to the impact of extensive innovation in the tissue industry on Italy’s economy and employment. In alignment with that, sustainability will be an overarching theme for Henkel at the fair. Leadership in sustainability is one of Henkel’s core values that drives its innovation process and performance.

At IT’s Tissue, Henkel will showcase its portfolio of products, services and equipment. Its booths will be present at various network companies to comprehensively address adhesive and additive topics, including:

  • Pick-up
  • Tail-sealing
  • Laminating
  • Core-winding
  • Additives, such as softeners
  • Fragrances
  • Packaging

“Interested customers can come and visit us at the open houses where they will be able to experience the converting line demonstrations first-hand, as well as discuss innovative technological solutions relevant to their business operations with Henkel’s experts” said Mauro Pirovano, Henkel European Business Director for Hygiene Adhesives.

“We have programs for continuous innovations in this rapidly growing business sector and wish to share these with our customers. Our commitment to this global tissue industry is demonstrated through our serious partnership in this show both financially and physically. We wish to contribute to an eventful ‘Italian Technology Experience’ for all the visitors who come along,” commented Francesca Lucca, Henkel Business Manager for Tissue Adhesives Europe.

Further details on Henkel’s involvement and product details will be released at a later date closer to the fair.

IT’s Tissue organizing committee along with the partner companies and sponsors.

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